Womens Only Courses

The world today seems as though it gets more dangerous every day and, More and more women are becoming firearm owners. They all have their own reasons, everything from living on their own and wanting to be able to protect themselves, to wanting to be able to protect their family. we understand that a woman may feel more comfortable learning in a class of other women and we are happy to be able to offer offer courses specifically for women. Please see our current womens only course offerings below and, make sure to check back or contact us if you dont see wht you are looking for becuase we are always adding new courses.

This class is for women that want to apply for their Michigan CPL (Concealed Pistol License) and will have a focus on methods and concerns specific to women carrying a concealed pistol.

This is a one day course covering the 3 levels of women’s pistol course all at once. This is a great choice for those women that have the ability to spend the whole day learning and training.


In this introduction module, students Will be introduced to the basics of handgun safety, the seven basic fundamentals for safe and accurate shooting. and putting them into practice both in the classroom and on the shooting range. This lesson is the building block to Women’s Intermediate Pistol.


In this module, We expand on the building blocks outlined in Women’s Basic Pistol, with detailed explanations of the differences and pros vs cons between semi-automatics and revolvers, holster options for concealed carry, and what every woman should know about establishing boundaries.


In the final course of the series, we build off of what was learned in both the women’s basic and intermediate courses. We introduce the student to a number of advanced topics, skills and drills. Topics include; avoiding, escaping, and defending against an attacker, and even what the student should know about the legal right to use force.

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