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Situational Awareness and Protector Mindset


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Our Situational Awareness and Protector Mindset course will help you to develop the type of mindset that you need to be a protector, either of yourself, your family and, your friends. In this course we cover strategies to help make and keep you more aware of your surroundings, the 2 main types of violence that people encounter, the effects of stress on your body and the brains reaction to it. As well as various tools to defend yourself and those around you. This is a great companion class to our Basic Handgun course or our Home Defense Fundamentals course.

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October 10, 2021 9AM-1PM, November 21, 2021 2PM-6PM, November 27, 2021 2PM-6PM, December 5, 2021 9AM-1PM, December 11, 2021 9AM-1PM


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